With the family

Visit us with family or with your friends, you can make your reservation in one of our big apartments with the two bedrooms, or one of our large rooms to let.

For romance

Visit us with your partner, and choose one of our studios.


Since the early years of the place’s operation, Mprizi’s family followed a specific philosophy regarding hospitality.

All rooms must meet high standards so that visitors can enjoy relaxation and luxury! This philosophy can be found in every element concerning the accommodation services and it even reflects in the place’s decoration.

Of course we are always available for whatever you may need!

All rooms offer magnificent view in the beautiful fir landscape and are specially designed to meet individual needs.

The facilities basic materials are stone, wood and of course the red tile, which is a basic feature of the traditional architecture of Trikala.

The furnishings follow the classic, traditional decorating trends, keeping alive the decorative style of Greek Mountain culture.

Each space includes modern comforts and is fully equipped so that you can get instant access to whatever you need.