Elati is the ideal destination for visitors and brings him in direct contact with nature and the beauty the area has to bring! With your stay in the area you can choose between countless activities, discover the mysterious landscapes and find out about the place’s history!

Do not miss to

  • Visit the stone arched bridge, built in 1514 AD on Portaikos, by St. Vissarion
  • Meet the Byzantine church of Anna Comnena (1283 AD).
  • Go the holy monasteries of Dousikou and Dormition Goura
  • Find yourself in the cave of Arkoudotrypa and the stalactites on the verge of Pialeias.
  • Follow the enchanting forest paths in Pertouliotika of Livadia wonderful sources Channels, Kalogeromantri, Gouves, Itamos, Arvanites in the region of Elati
  • Visit the shelter Chatzipetros below the highest peak of Koziakas.
  • Admire the great beauty of the crystal-clear sources of Goura Theocharis and Karakitsiou, forests of fir and mountain torrents Kamiaiti and Kakorema with the created path to the point that forms a small canyon.
  • Visit the churches of St. Nicholas and St. Paraskevi in ​​Neraidochori.
  • Meet Pertouli with its picturesque streets and visit the famous ski resort
  • Browse the beautiful Neraidochori with red tile roofs reminding the Alps resorts

Ask us

Do not hesitate to ask additional information during your stay in Mprizis Rooms! We maintain partnerships with companies organizing winter activities.